Stop Snoring Mouth Guard

The Ultimate Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

The most effective snoring mouthpiece on the planet. The Snore Eliminator patented self molding custom snoring mouth guard is second to none. Why not try our risk free 110% guarantee first? The Snore Eliminator stop snoring mouthpiece was developed and designed by Dr. William Vachon, who has been an Oral Surgeon for 15-years in Myrtle Beach, SC.Our stop snoring mouthpiece is classified as a Mandibular Advancement Device, which studies show can be more effective than surgery for normalizing sleep and eliminating snoring.But this is not just any M.A.D…. The Snore Eliminator is easily custom molded to your bite, by you at home, to be a personalized stop snoring mouthpiece for your exact Dental and Oral alignment.

Do you sound like a Grizzly Bear on a Freight Train throughout the night? No Problem!
This shockingly powerful mouthpiece to stop snoring has been proven 93% effective (eliminating snoring) in large scale, peer reviewed, double blind, clinical trials – NONE of the competition can say that.

Don’t spend valuable time agonizing over using the wrong cures, Our stop snoring mouthpiece works or you get 110% refund including shipping.

How to naturally allow your breathing to normalize and your airway to clear during sleep (without spending thousands on an uncomfortable CPAP machine) The sudden peaceful sleep that you obtain with Amaze you!

Achieve a fully rested mind and body (maybe for the first time) and Feel the renewed vigor, joy, and energy that only a full night of peaceful deep sleep can bring.

Never again worry about disturbing your loved ones and other unfortunate innocents with your snoring.

Do you know someone who snores? The Snore Eliminatory makes a wonderful gift as it is a custom made precision stop snoring mouthpiece that is molded to the owners dental imprint.

You may be asking Wait a minute, if this snoring mouthpiece eliminates snoring on 93% of people, then what if I am one of the other 7%?Good question, and we’re glad you asked.We also have our stop snoring chin strap that has proven to eliminate snoring for just about everyone that does not get full relief from our stop snoring mouthpiece. This chinstrap works in a slightly different manner physiologically and also is more comfortable for people who just do not want to wear a mouthpiece while sleeping.

For many people it is just personal preference, as both solutions work very well. As a general rule of thumb we always recommend to try the stop snoring mouthpiece first.

If you do not receive immediate (on your first night) relief from your, or your loved ones snoring, then you will have the option to receive, free of charge (including shipping) the stop snoring chin strap, or your 110% refund.Now if you are one of the unlikely <1% of customers that does not get full relief of snoring from either of our stop snoring products, then you will receive the full 110% stay friends refund. So there is literally nothing to lose, all the risk is on us.The reason why most people snore is because the airway becomes restricted during sleep. This can be due to a number of different physiological issues. This restricted breathing causes the soft pallet to vibrate while breathing, and the resulting loud noise known as snoring. The snore eliminator is a powerfully effective stop snoring mouthpiece for just about anyone.

This stop snoring mouth piece not only eliminates snoring, but can alleviate sleep apnea as well. Sleep apnea is a condition where someone stops breathing for brief moments during sleep. Sleep apnea prevents the person from entering deep REM sleep, therefore making it impossible to get a good nights sleep.

Do you think you snore….? And do you feel sluggish, and find physical exercise to be a chore.. ? It is NOT your fault! Learn why the Snore Eliminator can give you renewed vigor and enthusiasm for life, learning, and exerciseMild to Severe snoring, sleep apnea, and breathing difficulties during sleep have all been correlated to not being able to achieve beyond state 2 of sleep. Stage 2 of sleep is a period of light sleep during which the cardiovascular system and metabolism slows down and the body and mind prepare to enter deeper more relaxing sleep.Due to airway constriction and breathing problems during sleep many people are prevented from entering stage 5, and even stages 3 and 4 of sleep.

During stage 2 of sleep, people will experience slight, or severe airway constriction, and mild to severe snoring which will bring the mind and body back to the stage 1 and beginnings of stage 2 sleep. This pattern will repeat itself during the entire night, and although it appears that a person may be getting a full nights sleep, they are in fact, NOT getting the deep stages of sleep that are required to think clearly, react quickly, create memories.The Snore Eliminator, stop snoring mouthpiece will allow your mind and body to enter stage 3, stage 4, and stage 5 (REM SLEEP) naturally, and every night thereafter.